Three Things that Should be on Your Not To-Do List

by Ron Sherbert in Motivation/Inspiration

If your goal in life is to be successful, then you probably look at other successful people and wonder what they do to be so successful, right?

Well, almost all successful people use some sort of list, calendar or schedule to prioritize things they need to get done and help keep their focus on the effort needed to produce the results they want.

Most people think other successful people are successful because they’re able to get things done on their to do list.

While that is true, what many people don’t see is that successful people have another list, and that list is just as important as the to do list.

The other list they have is their not to-do list. This second list is as important as the first one, if not more important.

You might be wondering what I mean by having the not to-do list. The not to-do list is basically the opposite of what the to-do list does: while a to do list reminds you of things you need to do, a not to-do lists reminds you of things that you should avoid doing.

If you see a very successful person, you can rest assure that if they don’t have a physical not to-do list, they have a mental one committed to memory. Now, let’s get into specifics of a good not to-do list you should have.

1. Not to-do: Watch a lot of TV.

Successful people watch very little TV as they use their time much more wisely than wasting it by watching TV shows that won’t help them get ahead in life.

When successful people do watch some TV, it is usually for a particular purpose other than recreation. They don’t let the television dominate their lives and their precious time. Yes, they might spend some time watching something they enjoy for relaxation, but they recognize and do other activities as well, like playing a sport or working on a hobby. If you watch more than 4 hours a week of TV, you’re wasting your time.

2. Not to-do: Get caught up in the news.

Another thing that should be on you not to-do list is not letting your life getting engulfed with the news. I see so many people watching, worrying about and commenting on the news and then complaining that they don’t have enough time to get things done.

Let me fill you in on the truth about the news: 99.9% of the news stories will have absolutely no effect on your life. There is very little or no reason to watch the news. If you are worried about missing some news that could have a great effect on your life, I’m going to tell you now not to worry because if anything happens which would have an effect on your life, you will know about it whether you watch the news or not.

3. Not to-do: Prioritize your social media.

Internet ComicSuccessful people do not spend and waste their time on social media or gossiping through social media. Some successful people use social media to promote themselves and their businesses but they do not get caught up in hour after hour of useless chatter. Successful people do not check their emails or their social media accounts every 10 minutes. They also don’t waste their time texting back and forth or having long phone calls with others discussing trivial stuff. If you’re one of these people that spend way too much time on social media with the intention of gossiping about others, arguing about people’s opinion on things or simply discussing trivial stuff, then you are wasting your valuable time.

After reading this article, try working on these three things and for certain, you will have more than enough time to do important stuff that will help you become successful in all your future endeavors. Remember the seventh habit from the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” According to the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey, a balance program focused on self-development and self renewal is important so as to “sharpen the saw.” Improve different aspects of yourself in different ways, particularly:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

How much better would your life be if instead of wasting your time watching TV, worrying about the news and revolving your life on social media, you exercise more, hang out with people you aspire to be like, read books and learn something new, go for a hike in nature or meditate on your future?

I think you already know the answer to that question.

It’s now time for you to get into a quiet place, reflect on your life and ask yourself, “Do you need to make a do not to-do list?” If the answer is ‘yes,’ then make a list of things that hinder you from doing more important productive things in your life.

Leave a comment: What’s the first thing you’re going to put on your not to do list?

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