What Does It Mean to be Rich?

When most people think of someone as wealthy, they think of them having an abundance of money to be able to do and buy anything they want: nice houses, cars, boats, and much more. However, that’s just material riches or wealth. There are many other ways a person can be rich or wealthy and have true wealth.

Being rich in health


Nothing is more important than a person’s health. You can have all kinds of money and all kinds of material assets, but they won’t mean anything if you don’t have your health. How much money do you think Steve Jobs would have been willing to give up to live an extra 30 to 40 years? I would imagine most of it, if not all of it. If you’re healthy then you’re already rich with the most important thing.

Being rich in love.

Being loved by loved ones and loving your love ones make a person very rich. The more love you’re able to give and receive, the richer you are.

There are no greater riches than having family and friends that truly love you.

These are the people who will hold your hand and lift you up in your times of need. Don’t expect your lawyer, accountant, stockbroker or banker to visit you in the hospital or to attend your funeral. Having true love is one of the best riches to have.


Being rich in reputation and character.

Having sound character, including always doing what is right, is another measure of wealth. Having the reputation of being dependable to always do the right thing and being able to stand up for human life inequalities these are riches that will always afford you a good night sleep.

Being rich in generosity.

The willingness to help others in many different ways is a way to share the riches that you have. Whether it’s donating money to the less fortunate or brightening a person’s day with some kind words and a genuine smile, sharing the goodness of your heart makes the world a much richer place.

Being rich with contentment and gratefulness.

Being grateful and content for the opportunity to live your life the way you want makes you rich. You can never be rich if you’re not grateful for what you already have.

Learning to be content is one of the greatest riches a person can have.

grateful and content

There is nothing wrong with wanting money and being willing to work hard for it. There is no one that can say not having money is better than having money. But it is also equally important to remember that there are many more things in your life that are more essential than  material wealth because having an overabundance of money without being healthy, being able to love and be loved by others, or to be able to be generous, content and grateful for the riches that have been given you is worthless. It’s the hard work and the journey that gives you the most satisfaction and happiness, not the destination or the accomplishment.

What riches do you have that you can share with humanity?

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