Forget ‘How are you doing?’ Ask ‘ARE you doing it?’

by Ron Sherbert in Motivation/Inspiration

When people meet or pass by each other, a usual thing to say  is “How are you doing?” Setting aside the fact that this is the classic Joey Tribbiani pick-up line, we all know that it is commonplace in most cultures to ask about a person’s disposition for the day to appear polite and friendly, even when there are times when we’re no longer sure if the one who asked the question really cares.

Well, I think we should stop asking people “How are you doing?” and start asking “Are you doing it?”

“What do you mean?” Many may ask. What I mean is, are you doing what you want to do? Are you working a job or running a business that you want to run? Or writing a book that you want to write? Are you getting in the physical shape that you want to be in? There are many things that I could ask, but you get the point.

The bigger question is “why aren’t you doing it?”

Why are you just thinking of doing it and not doing it? There are many reasons. Fear of what people will think, fear of failing, fear of your own abilities.  And there  may be many reasons and  excuses, but there are no good ones.

When you go to a seminar and you see the expert speaking onstage or when you are reading a book, you would probably think “Wow, I wish I could be like this author and write a book” or “I wish I could start my own business like that person.”

When you think about it, there is really just one  big difference between those people and yourself:  they are doing it and you are not.

Yep, that is it in a nutshell: they decided on what they want to do, gathered the courage to begin and taking each step to just continue doing and learning and having that fire of desire burn until they see their goal through its completion.

You already know that you can do almost anything that you want to be.

While there are some exceptions, remember that opportunities are limitless. At 50 years old and 160 pounds, you will never be the Heavy Weight Champion of the World, but if you’re realistic you can dedicate yourself to achieving anything that’s possible.

Again, I want you to remember: opportunities are limitless if you only allow them in. When you see good ones, grab them, hold on to them and act on them. If you want to move to San Diego, then start making plans to do so. If you want to write a book, start writing. If you want to get in shape, start exercising and eating accordingly. The only thing keeping you from doing your thing is you.
Person Reflecting
So the next time you get the chance to ask someone how he or she is doing, stop for a second, reflect and ask yourself: how are you with doing that one thing that you want? And if you still haven’t done it, are you going to act on it today?

What will you start today? Leave a comment below.

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